What is Daylight Harvesting?

Daylight Harvesting exploits on the simple preface that can optimally utilize natural lighting and cut down the usage of artificial light during daylight hours.

Daylight harvesting can also be defined by terms like skypipe, light pipe, skylight, solar light, and natural lighting designed ideally suited for the environment considering the extreme weather conditions and industrial dust.

Nowadays commercial buildings are often designed with glass exteriors, which makes it ideal for letting in some skylight. Daylight solar light will provide pure natural dynamic daylight for 11 - 12hrs in a day to the interiors. According to the Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS), artificial lights are responsible for nearly 17% of the energy consumed in a commercial building and can be even higher depending on usage.


How important is Daylight Harvesting:

  • Lowers lighting energy cost.
  • Reduced carbon print and sustainability
  • Employee Health and Wellness help to reduce eyestrain by drowsiness 55% and whopping 50%, and headaches by 62%.
  • Virtually maintenance free for life.
  • Eliminates the risk of rooftop accidents which occurs due to transparent sheets.
  • Highly light capture at low sun angles (i.e before 9 am and after 3 pm).
  • Works effectively during low light levels like cloud and rain.
  • Provides natural dynamic daylight for 11 - 12hrs in a day to the interiors.
  • Lower cooling energy.
  • Uniform light dispersion.
  • A unique diffuser diffuses light uniformly.
  • Daylight can reach false ceiling covered areas.
  • The Light level and diffusion can be planned as per artificial lighting.
  • Impact-resistant Light collector.
  • Low rooftop aperture requirement (1�1.5%).


Why to use it?

In most global buildings, lighting energy usage is around 44% of all consumed electrical energy. This daylight can cut down this percentage can have a positive impact on your electricity costs. In fact, depending on the depth of daylight harvesting system, we can save our lighting energy bill anywhere from 10% to 46%. Also, because daylight harvesting has a lower cooling load than electric lighting, we can also see a reduction in your air conditioning costs.

How to save power bills using Natural Sunlight

How much you pay for electricity bills each month? Including China, our country wastes huge energy than any other nation. In 2016, the United States had an energy efficiency of just 42%, that means 58 percent of all the energy we produce will be waste.

How to save power bills: In the industrial sector, which includes manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and accounts, mining, for nearly one-third of all United States. Mainly manufacturing industries are more responsible for spending $300 billion per year to power facilities and waste nearly 40% of that energy. This will increase a lot of unnecessary energy costs.

Why we need to pay in the day: Why we need to pay in the day unless we have the option to consume the natural renewable resources to make your manufacturing facility more energy-efficient and less expensive to run. We have to think that we are in a global economy. Surviving is not simply to sustain activity in natural economies but to help the global economy as well.

Environmental effects: Environmental effects have also been appearing much more frequently in recent years. It would be tremendous if all this increased coverage was indicative of better education and awareness, but a big part is why the climate an emergency is now so prominently in the news is because some of its impacts are becoming manifest.

What we need to do: We all need to do our minute to battle climate change if we are to have any hope of even putting a dent in its effects. Making up just a few minor changes to our lifestyles enables us all to do our bit for the planet. Companies like Eview Global use any profit they make from searches to power-saving ideas through natural daylight solutions, powered by 100% green electricity.


If you have ever decided to give your industry a good energy-saving light thorough after years of neglect, you will inevitably find long-forgotten corners that are now integrated to an entirely new and advanced technology of daylight harvesting solutions. Utilize natural renewable resources to save our Global economy which is out of control.

Here are some ways to reduce industrial energy costs on your production floor.

  • Automate entire lighting system by integrating the Skylights, and Dimmers.
  • Save on lighting cost without compromising on the desired lux.
  • Integrate Skypipe daylights that inspire people to work at their best.
  • Common roof opening for SkyPipe and turbo thus maintaining the strength of the roof.
  • Ensures Effective and uniform Light and Air circulation.
  • Entire life span you no need to pay the bills for daylight.